Olivier Debroise


(Jerusalem, 1952-2008) Is a novelist, historian, art critic and has directed and organized numerous exhibitions, like: Modernity and modernization in Mexican art (Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico, 1991); The Bleeding Art / The Bleeding Heart (ICA, Boston, 1991); David Alfaro Siqueiros: Portrait of a decade (National Art Museum, Mexico City, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California and the Whitechapel Gallery in London, 1997). His publications include: Alfonso Michel, the stranger (1991), On the polished surface of a mirror, in collaboration with Rosa Casanova (1989); or Diego Rivera, Easel Painting (1985). In 2004 he was appointed head of contemporary art collections of the Directorate General of Visual Arts at the UNAM and advisor to Mexico's Recovering the Critical Sources of Latin American and Latino Art of the International Center for the Arts of the Americas (ICAA) a program of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.