Eduardo Abaroa


Mexican artist and writer. He works in the areas of sculpture, installation and site-specific art. His work has been shown in collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico, Canada, USA, England, Holland, South Korea, Germany, Spain and many other countries. He has contributed texts for catalogs for many artists vital to the Mexican context, such as Melanie Smith, Francis Alÿs, Dr. Lakra and Tercerunquinto among others. He writes for several journals and magazines such as Código 06140, Moho, La Tempestad, the Journal for Aesthetic Protest (EUA), La revista Ramona (Argentina), and others. He has been an art critic for the Periódico Reforma and the Revista DF. He was a founding member of the Mexican artistic space Temístocles 44. Currently he works as the coordinator for the courses at SOMA, an educational and cultural space organized by artist in Mexico City.